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Lost my best friend 

Yesterday, after almost a year of battling cancer, my best friend passed away.

What's bizarre is that we'd only known each other for about as long. When I met her Is just gotten Wraith, in fact it was Wraith's introductory letter drop which led her and her family to my door.

She was still recovering from her father dying of breast cancer only a month or so earlier but was otherwise fit and healthy.

Now she is no more.

She was a vigorous walker - used to walk everywhere and often. She was disappointed if she didn't get at least 10'000 steps in a day and some days she'd do up to 30'000 steps.

She and her daughters used to help me walk Wraith - we both loved the company and the walks.

But not anymore.

She was diagnosed with breast cancer, which was a saga and a half in itself with my local doctor who wouldn't check her breasts for lumps because 'it was against his religion' (sorry but gtf out of healthcare if your religion gets in the way of patient health), misdiagnosis by her doctor that delayed any treatment by weeks, extreme ambivalence from Caboolture hospital who basically sent her home and told her she only had 3 weeks to live. It was only because a friend of hers was a radiologist and she showed her the reports that she was sent to RBWH who at least gave her hope and treated her.

I've never seen anyone keep soldiering on in the midst of chemo like she did - no laying strings in bed, she'd still be up vacuuming the house, cleaning the leaves off the front lawn, taking Wraith for walks.

After the chemo came the double hysterectomy, that was hard for her. She was very body proud - no scars, no tattoo' s, and now no breasts 😞 It was devastating for her but she took it all in her stride.

Everything seemed to be going well and then she started to get a headache, Erich got worse and worse and worse.. and she was diagnosed with brain cancer.

They treated her as best they could but she didn't respond well this time and eventually they made the difficult decision to stop treatment and let her die.

And yesterday at 8:18am after almost a week of no treatment or fluids, she did.

I'm going to miss Susan greatly, as will Wraith - and the poor little man won't even know where she went.

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