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Interesting trip home on public transport last night

I was at the 2018 Miss Tiki competition last night at The Jungle Bar at West End enjoying myself.  I had taken public transport there so I could have a few drinks and planned on catching public transport back.

My friends dropped me at South Bank train station and I wanted down to the platform.  I got on a train at South Bank and just after we left the station I realise I had not 'tapped on', so got off at South Brisbane and went and 'tapped on' - of course this then meant I missed my connecting train in Central as I had to wait another 10 minutes for the next train I could get on to get to Central by which time my connecting train had left.. so instead of a pretty good connection I had to wait 30 minutes in Central.

At South Brisbane station I saw a security guard escorting a bare-footed young lady and showing her where the toilets were, what was rather interesting was that she'd interlocked her arm with his - I can only assume for balance. When she came out he'd gone back to work but then she ran on tip toes - in that delicate way when you're wearing a sparking silver dress with no shoes, the gods only know what happened to the shoes - back to him and asked another question, to which he pointed and said something (they were across on the other platform so I couldn't hear what was said). Where-ever it was, it was obviously back down the stairs and she enlisted his escort services again as she interlocked arms with him and he walked her down the stairs with a resigned look on his face.

Once on the train from South Brisbane to Central I noticed a small exodus of people coming through from the carriage behind me and overheard one of the ladies coming through talk to the on-board security guys saying that she thinks someone threw up in that carriage which they confirmed but they couldn't do anything about it as they don't have any cleaning supplies on the train.

Lucky I chose this carriage eh!

Anyways after some Macca's to pass the time whilst at Central and observing some rather drunk teenages stagger about, I finally caught the express back to home and was quite happily observing people around and listening in to their conversations when a lovely young lady in a pretty dress much like this one https://www.showpo.com/love-spell-maxi-dress-in-white-lace very gingerly makes her way past me up to the toilets (I'm facing backwards and this train has toilets). I can see how she's very gingerly walking and occasionally not quite grabbing the rails that she appears rather intoxicated.

Anyways she spends quite some time in the toilet and comes back out and - just as gingerly - makes her way back down the aisle and sits behind me facing forward. Me being me, I now pay a bit more attention to see if A) I can talk to her and/or B) she needs assistance. She manages to make a phone call (this is just on midnight mind you) and she's calling her mother to come and collect her from the train station!

She sounds very sweet and very tired, as I listen I learnt that she fell asleep and doesn't know which stop she's at or near, we're now in the 'express' part of the route on the way to Petrie so as she's trying to identify where she is by looking out the window at the blackness I say "we're not quite at Petrie" loud enough for her to hear and convey to her mother. When we do get to Petrie she's confirmed her location to her mother but I still don't know where she's getting off and she is obviously rather intoxicated and alone, so I'm keeping an eye on her in the window opposite to make sure she doesn't fall asleep again and if she does to verify which station she's supposed to be getting off at.

Anyways about halfway between Dakabin and Narangba station I see her start to lean over a bit with that slightly open mouth that portends something is trying to reach the light of day again and sure enough a few seconds later she leaned over in her seat and covered the floor in the great tradition of over drinkings everywhere. To be honest I figured that's what she was doing in the toilet earlier but I guess not. Luckily she had her hair in a bun so it didn't get covered but she did manage to get some on her lovely pink dress and there were security guards in the carriage, one of whom jumped past and asked the guard for some cleaning wipes - as it appears that is all they have in the train and that definitely wasn't going to do the job here!

So now we're pulling into Narangba station and I've been asked by the security to move away - I had stayed where I was to make sure she was ok and not going to fall head-first into her.. stomach inspired floor decoration. So as I'm getting up and grab out my (clean) hanky and pass it to the girl and tell her to clean her face. The security guard is saying just stay where she was but she's staggering to her feet and saying she can't as apparently Narangba is her stop! A regurgition and run, so to speak. The poor lass couldn't help saying "sorry, I'm so sorry! sorry, I'm so sorry" and anyway I helped her up the aisle and off the train to where her mother was waiting on the platform. Her mother was very thankful for my help and I said it was ok and started to head to the kiss-n-ride to try and call and Uber at 12:15am to get home when the mother asked if I needed a lift anywhere.

I asked if she was sure and told her roughly where I lived and that was ok as they lived near there too! So I jumped in the car with this (rather intoxicated and very apologetic) lass and her mother and they gave me a lift home. On the way we chatted and the lass had just been to some sort of uni ball (?) where there were free drinks and this was the first time she had experienced the wonder of over intoxication and insufficient hydration and roughage - certainly an experience she won't forget. As it turns out her father is a train conductor and was working tonight, though not on the Caboolture line luckily :-)

In a big twist of fate they actually live in basically the opposite end of the street to me. You know how my street has that roundabout? Well if you go directly through the roundabout then you are on a different street, well that's the street they live on so I was not out of their way at all :-)

So yeah, interesting trip home on public transport :-)

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